LGBTQ+ Professionals in football collective

About us

For everyone in our Collective, football holds a special place in our hearts.

We're also lucky enough to make a living within the game, in a variety of roles.

We play, coach, and officiate. We are administrators and executives. We work in marketing; media and comms; HR and legal; equality, diversity and inclusion; and fan experience.

Our professional roles are diverse - and so are we. What unites us is our commitment to inclusion throughout the sport and our strong sense of solidarity as LGBTQ+ people.

We stand together, alongside our allies, and invite anyone working in football who shares our purpose and passion to connect with us.

In doing so, we'll provide assists - not only for the benefit of each other but also to create a space where authenticity is celebrated, and an environment in which everyone feels free to achieve their goals.

We will:

  • Harness the skills and experiences of our network members via exchange of information and the development of a comprehensive knowledge base
  • Be the hub of relevant industry expertise and advice
  • Provide a safe space to converse and access mutual support
  • Use the power of our collective voice

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